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STAT-UP offers you technically sound analysis and develops models & applications for a variety of application areas. This means we can work on very complex issues in an interdisciplinary manner. 

Thanks to many years of experience and existing data sets, our experts know before the start of a data analysis project how your data needs to be optimally prepared, structured and linked for later analysis. Our comprehensive expertise saves you a lot of time in the area of data acquisition and processing.

What we offer

Statistik, Image by Алекс Арцибашев

More than classic statistics

In addition to classic statistics, we also offer clinical evaluations, financial economic analyses, natural science and social science studies or analyzes from the engineering-specific area. We support you, no matter what industry you are in.

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Competence for advanced analytics with big data and smart data projects

We take care of the selection and development of the methods
and the development of an IT infrastructure. Big data and smart data projects in particular require a precisely configured computer and software system that sets high requirements. We can run your projects on our servers or help you establish cost-effective, scalable and reliable structures in your company.
Our advantage is that we go beyond standard solutions and develop solutions that are individually tailored to your problem.

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Transparent, expandable & sustainable solutions

Our solutions are completely transparent, can be expanded at any time, can be reused and integrated into all systems. 

Our analyzes can be integrated into interactive apps that can be easily used in any web browser. With these apps you can easily examine your data yourself at any time and apply the algorithms we have developed.


"Katharina Schüller & STAT-UP helped Fraport to better understand the topic of “data literacy” and to recognize and purposefully develop the “future skills” that are already necessary and useful in organizations today.

They benefited from their well-founded technical expertise, many years of experience in a scientific and practice-oriented context, but especially their empathy and strong communication skills in imparting knowledge and generating impulses - be it in an advisory capacity in the data literacy program or actively in their own digital skills - Katharina set the tone and managed to bring data literacy into the organizational focus in the long term and Fraport as a result

to make it a bit more future-proof!"

Arthur Seidel

Fraport AG

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