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Do you have a project idea, for example for an innovative technology, would you like to conduct data-based research or are you currently writing your doctoral thesis with in-depth analyses and statistics and need support in implementing your plans and ideas? Our experts in the fields of data science, AI and statistics will provide you with efficient, competent and customer-oriented support for your projects in a wide range of industries.

What we offer

Unverbindliches Erstgespräch, Image by Headway

Non-binding initial consultation

Prior to any collaboration in the field of contract research, we offer you a non-binding initial consultation. Together, we will plan the rough process and duration of your assignment and keep you up to date with regular updates.

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Clear results

Once all the data has been evaluated, we take care of the detailed presentation of the final result in code (R, SPSS, Excel) and in text form. We also provide a description and interpretation of the content of your project in LateX format. This means you can be guaranteed to understand the results of your order.

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Final interview

After completing each project, we of course offer our customers a final discussion. All questions regarding evaluation methodology and the interpretation of results can be clarified and these can be adjusted if necessary.


"Katharina Schüller & STAT-UP helped Fraport to better understand the topic of “data literacy” and to recognize and purposefully develop the “future skills” that are already necessary and useful in organizations today.

They benefited from their well-founded technical expertise, many years of experience in a scientific and practice-oriented context, but especially their empathy and strong communication skills in imparting knowledge and generating impulses - be it in an advisory capacity in the data literacy program or actively in their own digital skills - Katharina set the tone and managed to bring data literacy into the organizational focus in the long term and Fraport as a result

to make it a bit more future-proof!"

Arthur Seidel

Fraport AG

Are you a doctoral student?

For doctoral projects, we support you from the formulation of the research questions and hypotheses to the design of the experimental plan and the selection of the appropriate methodology through to the complete data analysis with subsequent final report.

We support your entire project with mathematical and technical assistance, such as methodological and statistical advice on the selection and use of suitable statistical software, statistical analysis and statistical interpretation of the results.

Selected customer projects

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