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As a decision-maker, you are confronted with problems and decisions whose answers depend on external factors.

Many of these are random or subject to uncertainty. However, making decisions under uncertainty means a risk of missing or unreliable data, unsuitable models and evaluation methods as well as random and structural deviations in your forecasts. We support you in obtaining, structuring and ultimately analysing your data. 
Both strategic and management decisions require reliable data, facts and figures.


What we offer

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Expert know-how in the areas of data science and statistics

Our experts are at your side with their many years of expertise. We are your contact for complex solutions in the areas of Meta analyses, big data, machine learning and data mining.

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Experience in dealing with large amounts of data and missing data

We do not shy away from large amounts of data. On the contrary, we will help you to make your mountains of data accessible and bring order to your data chaos. Do you want to utilise the full potential of your data? We make it possible!

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We make your data valuable

Our team has excellent knowledge of programming languages such as Python, R, SPSS, SAS and many more. With the help of our expertise in data visualisation, the programming of interactive apps and the professional presentation of results in Markdown and Shiny, we make your data tangible.


"Katharina Schüller & STAT-UP helped Fraport to better understand the topic of “data literacy” and to recognize and purposefully develop the “future skills” that are already necessary and useful in organizations today.

They benefited from their well-founded technical expertise, many years of experience in a scientific and practice-oriented context, but especially their empathy and strong communication skills in imparting knowledge and generating impulses - be it in an advisory capacity in the data literacy program or actively in their own digital skills - Katharina set the tone and managed to bring data literacy into the organizational focus in the long term and Fraport as a result

to make it a bit more future-proof!"

Arthur Seidel

Fraport AG

Selected customer projects

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